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We are a consulting boutique offering truely independent qualitative and quantitative solutions related to investment performance, risk management, portfolio construction and asset allocation. We are specializing in highly customized and cost-effective solutions suitable for investment managers, family offices and institutional investors.

You find an overview of our solutions and services here.


  • In July 2024, we will be giving the next free ApalibNET webinar (topic linear algebra and matrix manipulations). Information and subscription here.
  • We have just released version 2.14.1 of our Excel add-in ApaLibNET
  • We have scheduled our correlation seminar for July 2024. More information and registriation here.
  • The second edition of our new seminar "Active Portfolio Construction: MPT Approaches from Treynor/Black to Black/Litterman and Beyond" has been scheduled for September 2024. More information here.